Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Afternoon at Granny and Granddaddy's

Granny recently had knee surgery so she's been pretty much cooped up at her house ever since she came home last week. We wanted to go see her last week but then we had all the illnesses pop up and we didn't get to go. We dropped by yesterday morning and ended up staying for two hours!! It is not easy to leave such a fun place!!

We were entertained for quite some time inside, but eventually we ended up outside. Granddaddy had the brilliant idea of showing the kids how to change out the corn on the bird feeder!

 Here he demonstrates how to cut the ends off with a knife, and make a hole in it so it can be stuck on the nail.

Here, Brianna instructs Granddaddy how to put the corn on the nail. It is obvious that he needs someone to teach him these things.

 She even gets to do it by herself!

 After the squirrels are fed, Granny joins us for a walk. She did extraordinarily well with two children darting between her legs all around the yard!!

 Brianna quickly hops up to the "counter" and gives Granny her chicken nuggets, pennies, and quarters. Great service!

 Hunter: "Hmm... I'm sure there are usually a lot more people inside the kitchen for Sunday lunch!"

Both Brianna and Hunter were fascinated with the rain gauges. Granny explained to Brianna how to use a rain gauge. But Hunter preferred it when Granddaddy pretended to chug-a-lug a drink from it!! He made such funny sounds and the kids laughed hysterically!

Later on we got to see a squirrel eating the corn that the kids put out, so they were very excited! Granddaddy even sent home their own cobs for our squirrels here at our house! We had such a fun time with them.

And I FINALLY got pictures of us being with Granny and Granddaddy! It's a miracle!

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