Friday, June 1, 2012

Life Goes On

Hunter has impetigo. I was going to link to the Wikipedia article about it but it has such awful, graphic pictures on there that I'm not going to do that to you.

Wednesday night he slept about 4 hours between the hours of 11pm and 6am. He made that experience even more pleasurable by screaming so loudly he woke up Brianna. We spent all night basically just sitting on the couch watching American Idol episodes I taped back in April thinking I would actually have time to sit down and watch them. Oh well, I'm starting to find out who has been eliminated so far... (for those of you who don't know, the American Idol winner was actually announced a couple of weeks ago.) I enjoy the show somewhat but it's just not a priority at all around here. But I digress.

Yesterday he had no problems. But after bath time as I lotioned his legs, I noticed a rash that was covering an alarming part of his legs. It wasn't like diaper rash, so I smeared Benadryl on it and hoped for the best.

He slept from 8:20pm to 7:45am.

Today after arguing with myself I decided to take him to the evening clinic at the doctor's office. The doctor took one look at him and knew it was impetigo, although she did do a strep culture as well (negative). She made it sound like it's very common, especially in the summer and particularly among those who suck their thumbs. It's basically just a skin infection that is treated with an antibiotic. It hasn't bothered him anymore and she says we caught it very early, so I'm glad I decided to take him on in.

Although I would have preferred to not spend two hours in a tiny consultation room with an overactive 3-year old and 18-month old! We sang about 500 songs and I had to dance to every single one. We played the loudest games possible. We laughed so loud I'm pretty sure they could hear us in the waiting room. One thing about my kids is they will roll with the punches.

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