Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fundraiser for Blaise McNair

Several weeks ago we heard the news that a young boy in our community was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was pretty sudden - he was totally fine and then one day he was in the middle of a baseball game and started having problems with his motor skills and one side of his body. He was diagnosed very quickly with the brain tumor, which is inoperable. He was given 10 months to live.

His name is Blaise McNair and because this is such a small community, we have a lot of connections to him. My friend Allison who owns The Classy Paci just really felt like she could do something to help him. At the same time, I also wanted to do something. I texted her on June 7 telling her that I wanted to sell some things that have been donated to Fed By Faith and give the money to Blaise... she wrote back that she already had some things in the works for doing something big at Classy Paci - so we collaborated!!

And 10 days later we had a yard sale extravaganza for Blaise! How did we do all this in 10 days? Allison basically didn't sleep at all and lots of people from our church spent a lot of hours at church and at Classy Paci going through the donated items!

I worked on Friday the 15th so that Allison could spend her day tying up loose ends. Hunter and Brianna were obsessed with this swing.

 I put this picture on Facebook. Just like a man to "test" out the furniture and fall asleep!! He slept through customers, cleaning up, and all kinds of stuff!

 The beginning of the yard sale - 6am. You can see we are just beginning to rifle through the donated items. These items filled up not only an entire storage unit, but outside the storage unit and part of Allison's store and my truck!! People from all over the county donated an insane amount of items.

One of our friends from church, Donna, was on scene all week long helping Allison. 

This is what we went home with - Rock Band!

 Southern Lawn & Irrigation was out there bright and early with the rest of us, setting up the bouncy house which they donated for the day!

And Rita's came out to serve their AWESOME Italian Ice!! I spent a lot of time talking to the manager of our Rita's and he is super nice. I am so grateful they came out to support the benefit!

 Panera Bread donated all sorts of breakfast goodies for us!!

 This butterfly landed on me and sat with me while I sorted clothes. Must have been good luck!!

Allison snapped this picture of me sorting clothes before I looked like a lobster!!

I don't know if Allison has made the final tally "public" yet so I won't say anything here, but from just the yard sale we raised a VERY good amount of money! Allison also donated part of her daily earnings from the store to Blaise.

Please note these local businesses that helped with this fundraiser.

Remember The Classy Paci the next time you need clothes (children's, adult, teen, maternity) or toys.

Remember Southern Irrigation & Lawn when you need landscaping, pressure washing, irrigation (among other things!) or a bouncy house! We got our bouncy house for Brianna's birthday party from them and were 1000% satisfied!

Remember Panera Bread when you are hungry!

Remember Rita's Italian Ice when you need dessert!

Thank you to everyone from the community who donated time, money, and items to be sold! I was in AWE for those ten days. I love being involved in things like this and seeing how people step up!

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