Monday, June 25, 2012

Youth Group

We've been doing a lot with our youth group lately, trying to come up with new ideas to get them excited about church and their faith, so every so often we've been giving them a night off (doing games or something else fun instead of a lesson) or getting together on a Saturday.

These pictures are from our youth rally which was back in May. I couldn't stay the whole time - it was a 7-hour event - but the part I was there for was so much fun!

 Then, just a couple of weeks ago we took them to Ben's ice cream near Candor. I loved the idea of all of us piling onto our bus and hoofing it down to the ice cream stand. I couldn't remember the last time I was on a bus! Luckily, one of my faves, Prescilla, is as obsessed with picture-taking as I am!

When we got back, we had just enough time for another one of my faves, Glennette, to pierce Prescilla's ears. Haha!

This past week they all went to Camp Anchorage for a retreat. Yesterday at church the teens and the counselors (my hubby Stephen, along with two other guys Mike and Keith from church) all talked about their experiences. I came home from church absolutely giddy and excited for the things these kids said. They faced things in their lives like the decisions they were making, the music they listen to, the relationship they have with their parents. To hear them talk about all these things and realizing on their own the things they need to work on in their lives was just amazing. I did record it on Keith's phone but I really just can't describe how good it felt to listen to them. I thank the church for sending them (we've never gotten to do anything like this before for our youth group) and I thank the counselors for taking a week off of work to go with the kids.

Just for the record, I am totally going next year!!

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