Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tractor Pull - Asheboro June 2012

Saturday was a really big day for me, and I'll blog about that in the future, but I have a ton of pictures I need to get off my phone right now!! I was at a fundraiser event from about 6am to 3pm and when I walked in the door, Stephen said, "I know you're tired, but would you be interested in going to a tractor pull tonight?" Uh, YES! So we packed up our things and headed out the door! The great thing about a tractor pull is that there are plenty of things to distract your kids, so you shouldn't have to worry about them getting bored. We had a BLAST with our family and their "team" and they did awesome!

Hunter just made himself right at home on the cooler:

Supervising... making sure everything's running smoothly.

 The weights for Grandpa's tractor were turned into a game fairly quickly!

Hunter spots Brianna and realizes he wants to be with her!

 Kathy is getting ready to do her first run:

C'mon, Hunter! It's only 90 pounds!

Grandpa getting ready to go on his run - backing up the tractor:

 During a break we found a fork lift! Hunter is in heaven, especially when a friendly grandfather helps him into the fork lift to play with his grandson who is Brianna's age!

Brianna is content to run up and down this huge hill.

 Ah, Hunter spots some people he'd prefer to hang out with.

He has a tendency to plop himself down with strangers.

Sittin' on Grandpa's wheel!

"Redneck Cadillac"

 You can't really see but there were also motorcyclists who did a show for us:

 Hunter latched on to family friend Mike. They had a ball together!

This is Kathy's pull. Video is about 40 seconds long. She ALMOST does a full pull. Great job Kathy!

This is Steve's first pull of the evening. Video is about 27 seconds long. He does a full pull, putting him in first place at this time!

We had a blast spending time with our family and the kids absolutely loved it. We were able to stay for hours and they didn't even sleep on the way home - they were too excited!

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