Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pictures, Pictures

 My favorite cooking partner!

 Pet turtle at Mom and Dad's house! (Well, he was a pet for the afternoon, anyway!)

 Dad and Brianna sing a song about a turtle:

 Our new obsession: the game Hi Ho! Cherry-O! I remember this game from my childhood. Brianna got it for her birthday and we usually play it multiple times a day. (Note the pajamas and dress shoes - totally normal.)

 Bri's friend Adrianna gave her some stick-on earrings and Brianna's world has suddenly been opened. She loves them!

 Watering the garden at home!

 These kids are so sweet. Here is an afternoon where they were both just wiped. I turned on Doc McStuffins and Hunter just laid down on Bri while they relaxed.

 Our first (but not last!) library book! Llama, Llama!

Aunt Lauren got Brianna a playdoh set for her birthday that is an ice cream shoppe. SO cool! Note my cool little sundae I made with chocolate sprinkles!

 Another classic fashion tip from Brianna: Church dress + church shoes + purple socks = perfection

Finally old enough to ride on the lawn mower with Daddy! (And young enough that she fell asleep after just a few minutes on it!)

One thing we like about the Wii game system is the exercise games that are on it. Here, Brianna is a penguin trying to catch fish. She has to move side to side quickly to catch them!

Here is hula-hooping:

 One thing you can count on just about every night around here is a kitchen picnic. When clementine oranges were in season, we had "orange orange picnics". Now we've moved on to peaches!

Brianna wanted her outfit to be in a picture but not her face. (Insert eye roll here) This is a cute outfit from her Aunt Jenn!

A video from our Wii Fit antics:

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