Thursday, June 14, 2012

Barbie Jeep

Barbie Jeep at yard sale - $20

New battery (even though I was promised the battery would work) - $9.99 (I used a $50 Amazon gift card from Swagbucks)

Seeing the look on Brianna and Hunter's faces as they drive this around the yard - Priceless!

1st video: Brianna is filling up the gas tank. She then declares she is the mailman and she's off to deliver the mail!

This video: Just showing how Brianna drives (she got very comfortable with it very quickly!) Poor Hunter has to mow the yard while Brianna plays. Warning: This video contains violence as Hunter plows into my legs while I'm taping!

This video: Now Hunter breaks out his own car. Warning: This video contains a terrible car crash between Barbie Jeep and Flintstone Car!

Once Hunter sees Brianna doing her Jeep in reverse he figures out how to spin around in his car too. Also, he keeps leaning out, touching the ground and saying "Hot" for some reason. It really wasn't that hot out there, don't know why he was doing this!

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