Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Angel Tree

My sister is so amazing. I know she has SO. MUCH. going on in her life but she is working hard to help me spread the word about the Angel Tree we are doing at our church (not even her church. She's just that awesome.)

Last year, Fed By Faith (the food ministry I started in 2009) was given the opportunity to sponsor the Candor Head Start. Go here to see how amazing it was. Last year we helped 94 families (to give you an idea of how incredible that is, the Empty Stocking Fund helped 50 families in 2010.) I haven't counted the families for this year yet, but I'm sure it will be at least that many.

Unfortunately, many families in our church are struggling. Some families aren't struggling, and they are able to support one or two (or more) kids from our Angel Tree. Some families are barely making ends meet and just can't afford to support a child.

Trust me when I say I totally understand where those people are coming from. BUT, then I had a thought. What if the people who couldn't afford to sponsor one child could afford to buy a $10 board game? Or an $8 outfit? Or had a toy in their attic that had never been opened? If all those people came together, we could pull enough gifts together to sponsor all these children (and the staff at Head Start - don't get me started about how many hours they work compared to the amount of money they make.)

My sister took the time to write a post about this year's Angel Tree. And then she wrote another one. So I am finally sitting down to write a post to you, as well, in the hopes that you will feel led to help out in some way. If you can't, you can't, and I completely understand, whether it's finances or distance that keeps you from helping. But if you CAN help, you can comment here, or you can email me at "amanda.talbert at gmail.com" for more information.

Jenn has listed several of the available people on her blog, if you click here. But if you can't support a child, maybe you can donate one of these items that has been requested:

(These items can be unwrapped. I can arrange for pickup. Also, don't forget, cash donations are welcome!)

School supplies

Walmart gift card

Bath and Body Works gift card

Books A Million Gift card

anything Tar Heels

soccer ball


an iron

board games

Nintendo DSi games (if you have games you would get rid of but you KNOW they still work!)

Wii games (same as above)

Easy Bake oven

Itunes gift card

Old Navy gift card

game of Trouble (board game)

baseball glove (right-handed)

Selena Gomez CDs

Ross gift card

game of Operation

Bop It

Lincoln Logs

Space heater



Toilet paper

Paper towels

Bath towels

Twin bed sheets

Full bed sheets

Pots and pans



gas card


Thank you, thank you, everyone involved in this! Look at the blog post from last year and hopefully it will kindle your Christmas spirit. :)

(P.S. If you want to make a Paypal donation I can work that out too. You can pay it to that email address as a "gift" if I'm remembering correctly.)

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