Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Hunting

I went hunting with Stephen for the first time in about ten years tonight. In recent years when we've had more opportunities to go hunting, we can't go together because of the kids. Tonight, though, Leila offered to watch the kids so that we could go together. It was in the 60's and although it was windy, the weather was really nice for sitting outside for a few hours. I finished my book (Bitter Harvest by Ann Rule, an author I have been turned onto by Granddaddy), we sat in silence for a long time (not brought on by a quarrel), and basically just enjoyed nature. Next time I am bringing binoculars. There was so much happening with the birds, and I am really dorky in that I like to figure out which birds are fighting, which ones are gossiping, I look at their beautiful colors and bodies - I know, I am like an old fogey. But anyway, it was really nice and I am so happy we got the opportunity finally to go together!

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