Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Tree 2011

Our goal was to have our tree up by the Monday after Thanksgiving. Well, we had it up by Sunday but it took us until Tuesday night to have it decorated. That's okay though. Well worth the wait to not be rushed!

We just knew that this year Brianna would be thrilled at the opportunity to help us decorate the tree. Not so much. After the first couple of ornaments, it was more fun for her to create stories with the ornaments rather than hang them on the tree. But whatever kept her quiet!

I put some of the non-breakables in a basket for her and Hunter to play with. That turned out to be a great idea because it really kept them occupied and out from under our feet.

Every year I snap some pictures of my favorite ornaments. I try not to take pictures of the same ones year after year, but forgive me if I duplicate from previous years. There are certain ones I am always drawn to. :) This probably doesn't interest anyone else very much but all of my ornaments have special meaning to me which is why I love decorating the tree.

An ornament that Brianna and Leila ("Oma") made over Thanksgiving holidays. The camera lighting made this ornament look so cool! It is actually green but I love the way it looks with this light!

My 2011 ornament from Mom. She always picks ornaments that I love!

Some ornaments I got 75% off last Christmas! (I'm drawn to glitter, much to the chagrin of my hubby)

An ornament I got for Hunter last year... when it was 75% off. Whaaat!?

I remember buying this ornament when I was pregnant with Brianna in 2009! Ironic that her first handprint ornament from 2010 is in the background. :)

So over this tree-decorating thing.

Several people bought us "first-year" ornaments for our first Christmas together, but this was always my favorite. (From Jenn)

A quirky little snowwoman from my friend Tracey!

My new jingle bell ornaments... 75% last year, haha!

Another of Mom's originals. I love this one.

This was Brianna's ornament from Gail last year. Her first year as a big sister!

My new "disco ball" ornaments... guess I don't need to tell you I got them on sale.

I LOVE this ornament but for the life of me it's one of the only ones that I don't know where it came from!!

Brianna holding her 2011 hand up to her 2009 hand. Much bigger now!

Hunter's ornament last year from Gail:

Stephen despises tinsel. Loathes it. But he'll do pretty much anything for his two favorite women who just happen to LOVE the stuff!!

Finished product!

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