Monday, November 21, 2011


I had a life disappointment today. I have a produce guy that I go to regularly but he's closed on Mondays. I went to another local produce stand down the road to get a couple of things. While I was paying for my yummy sweet potatoes I realized he had oranges.


We live in North Carolina, if you hadn't noticed.

I said politely, "Um, where did you get oranges from?" Florida.


Then I said, "So I noticed last week that you had watermelons. Where were those from?" Peru. Peru, people.

I can't believe I thought all roadside stands were selling local produce just because the one I go to regularly does. I definitely urge you to check out where your stuff is coming from, especially if you are really trying to buy local and organic like I do. I won't be buying from him again in the future, unfortunately.

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