Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Program

Tonight is Brianna's first Thanksgiving program. So for the last six weeks all we have heard around the house is:

"It's a hoooooliday, a hooooliday, a hooooliday. It's a hoooooliday, Thanksgiving is the one. On this day we eat turkey, we eat turkey, we eat turkey. On this day we eat turkey and pumpkin pie too."

"Gobble gobble gobble gobble, fat turkeys are we!"

And a couple more songs that are in the program. I promise you, I sing them all. day. long.

So today I am spending the day:
  • making cornbread for the Thanksgiving "feast" after the program
  • making a pumpkin roll for said "feast"
  • making sure the camcorder is charged
  • impatiently awaiting for Leila to get here - she's flying in early for Thanksgiving and Stephen is picking her up this afternoon!

Okay, it doesn't sound like a lot when I bullet-point it. But I have to get on it and get off HERE!

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