Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Pictures

Brianna really wanted to wear one of my shirts the other day, although it was certainly more like a dress on her! Here she is getting her very first My Little Pony, courtesy of Gail!

t's not very often that Bri gets to pick out her own clothes - all the kids clothes are in a downstairs closet even though both their bedrooms are upstairs. Having the clothes in a downstairs closet makes it easier on ME to just throw out some random clothes in the morning. But every so often she does get the opportunity to rummage through the closet. Thus, the sweatshirt/dress/leggings outfit is born:

Believe it or not, he's not asleep. Hunter is such a chill kid - he just lounges on the couch like this!

Jenn and I after the Scarecrow Run (5K) last month! We both placed 2nd in our age groups! My time was 28:46 if I remember the seconds correctly, which knocks off almost two whole minutes from my time in March. Now I only need to knock off six more minutes before I can compete with my other sister Jennifer!

This is what tends to happen when stickers are given out after Kindermusik:

Brianna is obviously my daughter. Here she is enjoying sushi with me while Stephen was deployed. (Hers was just Nori seaweed and rice!)

One day I updated my status on Facebook - at Kindermusik the kids are encouraged to "wash" the walls with dry sponges and sing a song called "Wishy Washy". Imagine my surprise one day when Brianna carried that over to our own house. Although instead of a dry sponge she was using lotion and her hands!

My response: give her Windex and a rag.


Sweet Tea Mama said...

Amanda, I've been lurking on your blog for awhile, but I need to know how you get your kids to eat so well? I mean nori? Really!? If you have any advice, I'd love to hear it.

Amanda said...

Sonya, I'm not really sure that I've done anything in particular except I've just always fed them what we were already eating. I let Brianna pick what she wants to eat for lunch but basically whatever I make for dinner is what we all eat. My kids have just never given me a problem with food - my husband is the tricky one! Haha! Sorry that I don't really have any advice, I would just say feed Annabelle whatever you guys are eating, and as she gets older encourage her to at least TRY whatever you're eating. Also, Brianna helps me cook - maybe that encourages her to try new things?