Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pictures Again

These are all from September. I can't believe I still have pictures from September sitting on my camera, but yes, I see I haven't even blogged about Hunter's birthday parties yet. I'll get there eventually. Definitely by December. Until then...

Brianna is learning to take pictures. She's actually not too bad. Here we are playing with the camera.

Let Brianna show you the steps of changing a diaper. Our cousin Emma actually knit(ted?) this blanket for Bri when she was a baby! Now Bri can use it for her baby dolls!

1. Lay Baby down.

2. Lift Baby's legs.

3. Quickly slide diaper under Baby.

4. And you're on your way to a clean Baby! (She actually does help change Hunter's diapers, don't ask me why she wants to do that.)

This is what exhaustion looks like:

Or perhaps this:

September is also when Bri learned how to draw smiley faces!

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