Wednesday, February 12, 2014

January 2014

Random pictures from January 2014 - gotta do better about updating!

Hunter and Opa

 Yay for Lincoln Logs! This is a house that is ant-infested. That was not my idea. Note the garage for ant overflow...

Swords from our cousins were a favorite Christmas present! And they are STILL all in tact almost two months later!

The kids like to tuck a sword in their back so they are hands-free until the enemy advances.

Sand art - another favorite activity from the Kirby cousins!

 Brianna got a Crayola Glow Board from Grandpa Talbert and Kathy for Christmas. She loves to draw on it! But why does she always call us "Dad" and "Amanda"??

 Celebrating my 31st birthday with Mom and Dad!

 Granny and Granddaddy got the kids a membership to the Rockingham Discovery Place. So we are frequent visitors there now! This is from January 10.

Christmas party with Joy, Gail and Jeff (along with the Loyds and Kirbys)

 One of Hunter's new favorite toys from Grandpa Talbert and Kathy. You can unscrew every piece of the dinosaur and then screw it all back together. Both the kids will sit and do this for a surprising amount of time.

 Meeting Cheyenne for the first time!

At family dinner night, Iron Man dined with us.

So did Supergirl:

Something special - getting donuts as a family on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day:

 A beautiful garden created by these two lovely ladies:

Some of my Wednesday morning favorites:

 Another trip to the museum:

 After Kindermusik - Hunter's first time climbing the chain ladder by himself

The kids' first big snow - since they could walk! January 30.

 Pretending to be asleep after a big afternoon of sledding:

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