Monday, February 3, 2014


I am an incredibly sentimental person. When you add a sentimental person to two children, you get a lot of pictures, activities, crafts, etc. that said sentimental person just can't imagine letting go of. On the other hand, I don't really understand my need to hold onto a picture that my 3-year old has colored which has two black scratch marks on it. I am starting a new "segment", if you will, on this blog which is primarily for myself and my children in the future. I have found they are coming into the age where they love to watch old videos of themselves and see old pictures. They even love to look at old pictures they've drawn or crafts they've completed. Therein lies my solution. I may save a handful of their activities, but realistically I can't save all that I want to. By uploading them to this blog, my kids can look back at them for many years, or until Blogger crashes. If you are a grandparent of these children you will probably indulge in looking at these pictures, but like I said, this is primarily a selfish endeavor I'm taking on.

Brianna 1-29-2014

 Brianna 1-29-2014 (says "I 'heart'", has a picture of our house, our family, three crosses on a hill, and a truck!

Brianna 1-28-2014 - really into rainbows right now

Brianna 1-27-2014 - copying random words

Brianna - January 2014 painting

Brianna - January 2014 painting (trying to mix colors)

Hunter - January 2014 painting (I can see he is just starting to "get" the idea of painting each individual part of the picture)


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