Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Sinners' Garden Review

In August of 2012, I read "The Reason" by William Sirls. It was his first novel ever, and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. I recommend it to everyone I come across. I promised myself then that I would read every novel that has his name on it. So I was so excited to get his latest - "The Sinners' Garden". I was actually a little nervous because my expectations were so high after his first book. People, he did not disappoint!

Sirls has an amazing gift of writing. He intertwines Christian faith and a story in a way that is extremely rare. I urge you to read his books if you haven't discovered him yet.

The Sinners' Garden is about a mysterious garden that pops up one day, and coincides with God speaking to a young man through an iPod. An unlikely vessel, but he's willing to listen when God speaks. Meanwhile, there are other odd events happening in the town - a person who breaks into homes only to leave answers to prayer, not take things. A town leader who is a hypocrite. A felon-turned-Bible-thumper. People searching for truth. All the characters and stories come together just perfectly.

I have to admit, there is one thing about the ending I would change. I think it was a great ending, and I can't talk about it without giving it away. I'll just say this - it wasn't bad. Just not the way this girl really hoped it would end. I'm still giving it five stars - of course, life in general doesn't usually work out the way we hoped, so why does fiction have to?

Thank you to Litfuse Publicity and Thomas Nelson for the opportunity to give my honest review on this book in exchange for a copy.

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William Sirls The Sinners' Garden

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William Sirls said...

Thank you, Amanda! I certainly appreciate the kind words!