Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 10 and Day 11

So, we did do school last Friday. I didn't blog about it because after school we went to THE BEACH! Wahoo! But I promise, we did do all of our work. The first part of this blog is our day 10 of homeschool.

 Prayer time, pledges, and Bible verse time. I got a video of her saying her Bible verse of the week (Acts 16:31) but my computer isn't letting me upload it for some reason.

In Bible time, we read about Jacob lying to Isaac in order to get Esau's birthright.

 Next was our story from I Heard the Good News. We read a story about missionaries to India. While I read, Brianna colored a picture of the beach!

 Math time: Numbers 1-4 were being reviewed.

For language arts we worked on story sequencing. I read the story of Goldilocks out of order and Brianna had to put them in the correct order. We talked about the importance of sequence in a story.

Letter of the week was "B". She seriously loves these dot pages!

 For history we discussed the Tower of Babel and all the nations and languages that rose out of this.

Quick break - someone wants to show me something!

 Writing a thank you letter to the employees at Lowes Foods. No, she did not think it was a fire department... she just so happened to want to draw that picture! :-)

 The running joke at the table. She is constantly playing with her pencils and it is certain that by the end of class, our floor is littered with pencils that have flown out of her hands. Every time one falls we both laugh hysterically. She never does it on purpose though!

 Later in the day, she colored this picture for me. You can't see the writing because it's in yellow but it says, "Think of something that starts with the letter B" and then she drew a line for me to write down my word. Too cute! The student becomes the teacher!

Okay, so we took yesterday off for Labor Day. Also, we were still driving home from the beach. We caught up a little bit today. I read yesterday's and today's poetry, for example, and did two math lessons which she loved, and we'll spread other things throughout the next couple of days so we won't be too off schedule.

 Prayer time and pledges:

 Bible time: Talking about how Jacob left home after the "birthright incident". We also talked about his marriages to Rachel and Leah. Interestingly enough, Bri didn't seem to think it was very odd that he had two wives. Adults probably tend to overthink these things - kids probably don't even care about half the stuff we think about! I was trying to think two steps ahead of the questions she was going to have on the subject. I didn't even get to offer up any wisdom. What a shame.

 New Bible verse of the week: Colossians 3:20. Or, if you are 5 years old, "Coloppians 3:20".

 We talked about the Egyptians - specifically their food and ways of travel. Hunter sat in on this part. Both the kids are really intrigued with this part of our reading. I kind of wish I had something to supplement and go a bit more into detail, but I do think they're too young to spend too much time on it. This book ("Living Long Ago") is just right for their age. Although I did run to the library later in the afternoon and grabbed two "Eyewitness Books" editions - one of early humans and one of ancient Egypt. They read those books all the way home from my parents' house this afternoon.

 Next was math. Today she learned to write the number 5. This is a tricky one for her, but she did well. She is still having problems with her left and right. I'm not sure why, since she used to know them. I spent part of my evening brainstorming ideas about how to get around this mental block she's having. I think I came up with a couple of good ideas... more on that in the future!

 Our Mother Goose rhymes were: "Days in the Months", "A Man in the Wilderness", "Pat-A-Cake", "The Sky", "Contrary Mary" and "Lavender's Blue". Our Llama book rhymes were: "Whenever", "Wishes", "Tommycats", "Hello Rain" and "Windshield Wipers".

 Just being totally cute:

 This week's letter is "M". We checked out the M pages of the dictionary. We know lots of words that start with M!

 She was having a tough time writing her uppercase M (the above worksheets are traced letters) and I remembered I had some worksheets from A Reason for Handwriting. I wasn't going to use them this year but now they are coming in handy! Her "M"s improved right away.

Then school was over, and off we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for an afternoon of fun!

At dinner we had tacos and strawberries. Y'all, I am not even playing. This is how Hunter laid out his plate. He has been saying that he wants to be a "cooker" when he grows up! Wouldn't this be beautiful if it was a crepe instead of a taco!? Haha! I thought this was so fancy!

We did go to the beach with Stephen's family over the weekend. I put all the pictures on Facebook but I didn't post the videos on Facebook.

Here is a video of the kids playing outside one of our favorite restaurants in Myrtle Beach. (1 minute, 35 seconds)

And here is a video of Brianna and Oma (Stephen's mom) riding the fastest ride Bri has ever been on. I can remember riding rides like this with my mom growing up! I love it! It doesn't look like it's going that fast, but you put your 5-year old on it and see what you think! Actually, Bri and Hunter's 3-year old cousin Kaleb also did this ride later on with Oma and loved it! We have some thrill-seekers in the family! (1 minute, 13 seconds)

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