Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 28

 Day 28 - Thursday

 Prayers, pledges, and Bible time - Still focused on Moses. Today we read from 100 Ways I Know God Loves Me. He fights for me! It reiterates that when we obey God he will always fight for us.

 Missions: We talked about Boniface today, and the story of Christmas trees! I loved this. I'd never heard this story before.

Poetry: "Hannah Bantry", "A Nail", "Little Tommy Tittlemouse", "Baby Bunting", "Comparisons", "X" and "Magic Hand".

 "Magic Hand" was a really cute poem about a "magic" hand that could cover up huge things, like houses or mountains, as long as they are far away. After I read it, I told the kids that they have magic hands! They didn't believe me until we tested it! Voila - goodbye to our neighbor's house, mailbox, and truck!



 Language Arts:

We also had Magic School Bus today. I had the opportunity to lead again, and we talked about rainbows. We did an experiment where we went into a dark room (the bathroom) and laid out a white sheet of paper. The kids took turns shining a flashlight onto a CD and reflecting a rainbow onto the white paper and walls. It's actually quite entertaining!

We started a new rewards chart a little while ago - maybe 2 weeks? It was 75 cents at the Dollar General and the kids begged me to buy it for them! I laminated it and I fill it in with a dry erase marker so we can use it over and over. They get a dot when they are caught in a "good" act - being particularly helpful, doing chores without being reminded, etc. When they get 5 dots, they get a nickel in their piggy banks. At 25 dots, they choose a reward. Brianna reached her 25 dots today and chose Di'lishi as her reward. Hunter and I had to sit there and watch her enjoy her delicious ice cream! I promised him that if he will finish his 25 dots (he's only 3 away!) he'll be the one eating ice cream while she watches! 

 Brianna saying her Bible verse of the week:

Hunter's Frisbee skills:

He was chucking one after another like that this afternoon! I know he played Frisbee golf at CSB, but I think he has a great arm! Very straight throw, too. Stephen said the problem at CSB is he throws that hard to the other kids, who are only a little older than him - and standing very close by! Haha! I don't want to discourage him though, I think he's doing awesome!

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