Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 16

Today was a very busy day! Our Tuesdays are not usually our busy days. I had a doctor's appointment this morning so my mom had to keep the kids for me (I have bursitis in my hip, so I am officially an old person). Then we ate lunch and met our friend Joy who bought us all cupcakes to celebrate the Kindergarten milestone!

 On to our school day! First up is prayer time and pledges - with some coloring thrown in for good measure!

Our Bible story talked about Joseph interpreting the dreams for the Pharoah. It brought up a good discussion about how God talks to us.

 Bible verse of the week - Matthew 7:12

 Learning about the Romans. Now we're starting to see some cultures that have a lot in common with us - although we admittedly don't eat by lying around on couches. I also prefer the kids use utensils instead of their fingers to eat! Brianna got a kick out of that. Another thing the Romans did - they would burp after a meal to proclaim how good the food was. I told Brianna she can use that as an excuse only one time. :-)


Poetry: Mother Goose rhymes: "Jack Sprat", "Doctor Foster", "Yankee Doodle",  "To the Rain", "Star Light" and "Jack Horner". Our Llama poem was "Rabbit".

Language Arts: Learning the months of the year. This is something I've never really focused on teaching Bri, so it's new to her. She's good with January through May and then gets a little mixed up. I know she'll get it very quickly though. I have these cute little flashcards I made and they will help!

One minute video of her going through the flashcards:

Catching up on our alphabet book:

When she chose "map" as one of her M words I was a bit wary. I honestly didn't think she'd be able to draw one, but you can see her totally cute painstaking process in this video (1 minute 25 seconds).

Tonight the boys went to Christian Service Brigade (henceforth known as CSB) so Brianna and I played a board game that is somewhat difficult to play with Hunter. It's called Never Ending Story. You pull playing cards out of a bag and take turns adding on to one story. At the end, you win by laying down the last card and telling the entire story from the beginning. This was our final story (2 minutes):

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