Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 17 and Day 18

Quick overview of the last couple of days!

Wednesday, September 10 - Day 17

Working in the morning: Brianna loves to read to anyone who will listen! And check it out - Hunter is trying it out too! 

 Frog hunting:


 School time: Doing do-a-dots while doing prayers, pledges, and listening to the Bible story.

 We talked about Joseph seeing his brothers for the first time since they sold him into slavery.

 Her creation:

 Bible verse of the week - Matthew 7:12

Learning about the Romans: I forgot to snap a picture but we talked about the ways Romans traveled. It was very interesting because they built the first roads and had several types of ships - often attacked by pirates! Very exciting stuff!

Math: Starting to learn ordinal numbers, which is review for Brianna but she still enjoys it.

 Nursery rhymes: Mother Goose rhymes: "Little Miss Muffet" and "Three Men in a Tub". Llama rhymes: "Raccoon" and "Nuts to You".

Language Arts: We talked about produce, which was pretty simple. We talk about food a lot around here anyway so this wasn't anything new to her.

 Still working on months:

 I found a few fun games for her to play online. She tells me if certain numbers are even or odd, but I wasn't sure she really understood what that meant. Well, now I know she did understand. This was still fun for her though.

I saw this on Online Math Learning.

The wheel on the computer would spin and Brianna used these manipulatives to form rows.


Hunter and I got to play Curious George...


And Uno!

 Day 18:

 Prayer time, pledges and Bible story: We read a Bible called "What Would Jesus Do?" and read the story of Joseph. I liked this because it had some good questions to talk about.

Verse of the week: Matthew 7:12

Our missionary story was about the Apostle Thomas and how he spread the gospel in India (and was subsequently killed for it). Halfway through the story she stopped me just to say, "I love this story, Mom!" This is from our book "I Heard the Good News".

 Poetry: Mother Goose rhymes were "To Market", "Ipsey Wipsey", "Goose Feathers" and "To the Snail". Llama poem was "Mouse" (one of her favorites we've read so far!)


Language Arts: She traced some of her letter of the week (T) and did some riddles and spelling work.

Then we had Magic School Bus with our homeschool kindergarten class! I didn't get any pictures today because I got to lead by reading the story and conducting the experiment! The book was Ups and Downs and our experiment was on sinking and floating. We dropped a bunch of stuff in fresh water and salt water to see which things would sink and which would float. All the kids were such good listeners and it was a lot of fun. I'm happy to be able to do things like that! It makes me very thankful that God has put me in this place in my life right now.

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