Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 24 and Day 25

Day 24 - Friday

First things first - prayer time and pledges

Bible Time: Reading about the Israelites finally being set free from Egypt.

I Heard the Good News Today (missionaries): We read the story of The Gospels of Lindesfarne. What an awesome story! I'm so thankful we're reading these this year. I even Googled pictures of these beautiful books. Brianna was enthralled with their gorgeous designs.

Poetry: From Mother Goose: "The Key of the Kingdom". From Llama: "Both My Slippers" and "Changing".

Field Trip! We took a break from school work to go to our local police department and fire department. 

 Super shocked that this was going on (sarcasm!)

 At the fire department, they had a fire drill for the kids who wanted to participate. Brianna told me she described to the fireman how to stop, drop, and roll! I'm glad something important is sinking in!

 Later that afternoon... Math:

Language Arts:

 Key Letter Sound Story: I read this story and Bri told me the key sound she heard throughout the story (the "R" sound)

 I got a new Bible that we're enjoying, so I read a couple of stories from it:

 And the rest of the afternoon was spent putting out fires...

Brianna saying her Bible verse of the week:

Day 25 - Monday

Prayer requests and pledges to start our day:

Bible time: From our WWJD Bible - talking about the obedience that Moses had.

Bible verse: New verse of the week! Isaiah 43:1

Missionary story: Our story today was about St. Patrick! Can't wait to read this again in March and do some crafts to help her connect the man with the holiday!

Math: Starting to count by 10's and learn about dimes. 

 You may have noticed I really like these worksheets for the numbers. The best thing is she has done them so often now she does them all by herself, as with most of her math stuff. I just come behind her and check her work!

 Poetry: Mother Goose rhymes: "This Little Pig", "Going to St. Ives", and "Goosey Gander". Llama rhyme: "Let's Dress Up".

 Language Arts: Letter of the week is A!

 The sheet they provided for copywork wasn't working for her. Fortunately I got this handwriting paper from the Dollar Tree a while ago. The top line is my handwriting and the other two are hers.

And now, I believe we need to schedule a dentist appointment...

If I can ever capture this on camera I will post it here. This is Hunter trying to wink, point at me and click with his tongue! It cracks me up every time.

Brianna being silly (1 minute, 21 seconds)

This is the normal way to go get your vitamins, right?

For our painting project today: Monsters! The kids each chose 4 colors of paint. I put them on one side of a piece of paper and then folded the paper over and rubbed. Voila! When the paint dried, the kids created monsters.



 And Brianna's castle:

 I forgot to mention we finished our 2nd "read aloud" that is part of our curriculum. It is called "My Father's Dragon" by Ruth Stiles Gannett. I highly recommend it. It is a great chapter book for kids and I bet this will be a favorite in our house as the kids grow up. There are also lots of activities that could easily be created from this book. Now we get to start a new chapter book, wahoo!

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