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Kindergarten - Day 12 and Day 13

Wednesdays are officially busy days for us! Wednesdays are the only days I work, keeping nursery at a local church for a couple of hours in the morning. We get home just in time for lunch. During Hunter's quiet time (right after lunch), Brianna and I do school work. And yesterday she started a new music class, which meets on Wednesdays. Brianna (and Hunter) grew up in Kindermusik. Unfortunately, age 3 means you are out of the class we were involved in. Fortunately, I found another local class which has a special class for Bri's age - and parents don't go into the class with the children. I thought this would be a great opportunity for her to continue her music experience, it gives her time without me, and gives me one-on-one time with Hunter. She is actually the one who asked me if she could do it, so I took that as a good sign. When we went to class today, she didn't even glance at me as she walked into her class. I should have known it would be that easy. Isn't it always easier for the kids than we imagine??

Oh, and by the way, if you ever notice I miss a day of blogging - be certain, we didn't skip school. :-)  I am finding we are having more late nights than I anticipated. I love to blog but often choose to go to bed instead! With that said, on to our days!

***Whoaaaaa, this is a lengthy post! My apologies! Posting two days on one blog post makes it extra-long!***

Wednesdays begin at work for us (doesn't feel like work though!)

My princess comes with muscles apparently. Strong and healthy, I love it!

 Brianna is second-in-command. Here she is reading to one of her favorite kids. Now that she can read several of the books at the church, this is one of her favorite things to do. I am so thankful the love of reading is already being passed down to her, as it was passed to me from my parents!

And, one of her other favorite girls :)

Meanwhile, Hunter just chills. Is this a child version of a man cave?

 Okay, back home and after lunch is when school starts. As usual, we have prayer time and pledges.

Our Bible lesson was about the forgiveness that Esau showed to Jacob. Forgiveness is a tough one to learn, isn't it adults? We had a great discussion because Brianna asked me why Esau brought 400 men with him if he had forgiven Jacob. We thought up several reasons (one being that Esau actually did not forgive Jacob until God softened his heart towards him). I love talking things through with her.

 We talked more about the Egyptians. I'll be sad to see them go. I'd love to look more into Egyptian culture when she's older. We are both really enjoying it.


 Our Mother Goose rhyme: "Jack and Jill" (the long version), and our Llama rhymes: "Frog" and "Riddle".

Language arts: We discussed the nutritional aspect of juice and sugar. We talked about the difference in 100% juice and other juices. We talked about the different varieties of sugar. I had her go pull some things out of our pantry and we looked at the labels.

 Her excitement over our one jar of 100% juice. Bahaha! Truth be told, we don't keep juice around except for birthday parties really. And then I simply don't pay much attention to what they're eating or drinking. It's a party!

She discerned that these are not good for us to drink. Which is why I'm offering them to everyone at Hunter's birthday party in a few weeks!

 This is Brianna explaining to me that we really need to take a break and have some 100% juice and unsweetened applesauce. Because look at the labels, Mom! (She convinced me.)

After our break, we really needed to get down to business. She has really been struggling with her left and right, which I think was really a mental block. I mentioned previously she used to know them - even when she was an old 2/young 3 year old. I think she was overthinking it. So what's the best way to get serious and learn your left from your right?

The Hokey Pokey!

In history we learned about the Tower of Babel and how Abraham's three sons split off, and where these lands are today.

Our letter of the week is M. She was struggling with this some until I pulled out the treehouse method. Her "M" is much more magnificent now! (These are all her own written letters. I feel like she did great.)

Silly face:

Silly face while looking in her reflection:

Highly decorated "m":

And then we were off to Kindermusik! While Brianna was in class, Hunter and I played Scooby-Doo the board game, read a couple of books, and of course took some selfies!

The teachers thought she was there for dance, not music (it's held at Taylor Dance Studio). Nope, this is just her regular attire. Thanks for the dress, Grandma!

I am shocked to say that Brianna made a new friend (sarcasm alert!) Bri played with this little girl just before class, and when we went inside the class to get our children, that little girl plopped down on the mat with Bri like they'd been friends forever! It was so cute!

Learning beats of the music!

Back home it was stormy, so we sat on the porch to relax for a while before church.

Looking like an old man in his rocker:

And now, here are the highlights of Day 13:

 Well, we had just gotten done with our prayer list and pledges when I realized I needed to get something from the garage... and realized we had company!

That big guy caused quite a distraction for us! I did not realize how quick these creatures are and how fast they can get away from you! It was cause for much laughter from my children, mostly pointed in my direction! It only took me 10 or 15 minutes to finally catch him and release him (oh, and then catch him again because he hopped right back in our garage!). I tried to explain to him that he would really not like our garage as a home!

So, Hunter decided to sit with us today. I got a couple of workbooks from the Dollar Tree the other day for him to work in (or play in, whatever the case may be). He actually impressed me by circling the correct letters on the pages he did. Of course it all lasted about 3.5 minutes before he went back upstairs to play with his toys.

Our Bible story was introducing Joseph. Although these are all very familiar stories to Brianna it's still a great opportunity for us to talk more in depth than she's able to in her class at church.

Saying her verse of the week - Colossians 3:20.

Moving on to talking about the ancient Romans. Still very interesting material to us. It was cool to compare them to the Egyptians.


She was introduced to the penny today, so we compared a penny from 2000 and one from 2010 when the Union Shield first replaced the Lincoln Memorial. I bet I have some older ones for her to look at as well. It was very interesting. Is it okay that I am learning as much as she is at times?? :-)

Okay, so this is a big deal for me. She has been having such problems with her left and right. Yesterday I handed her this worksheet which has directions on it. The first instruction is to color the star on the right yellow. She immediately colored the left star yellow. In my mind I was so frustrated. I had told her all the things you "should" say - reminding her that our right hand is the one we use for the pledge, telling her to form her fingers into "L" shapes, etc., but it just wasn't clicking. That's why I tried the Hokey Pokey with her yesterday. Today when I handed her the worksheet and read the instructions, she didn't even blink. She immediately answered all the questions correctly. She's also been showing me throughout the day that she really is getting it now. I was just so proud! I knew there was something to break through that mental wall. Looks like the sillies needed to happen!! I'm so proud of her. One reason I really, really wanted to homeschool was to share in these victories of learning with her.

Our Llama rhyme was "A Catch" and from Mother Goose we read "Bowwow" and "One, Two, Three, Four, Five".

For Language and Thinking we played a game called "Listen, Tap". I showed them different ways of tapping (pencil on the table, paper on the table, my fingers/knuckles, my feet) and then both kids had to close their eyes and guess what I was tapping.

Practicing the letter M:

History - talking about God's promise to Abraham.

Social Studies - our community helper today was the teacher! We talked about all the things teachers have to do to prepare for their day (school teachers as well as church teachers) and how we can help them.

Check me out!!! Look at my eyelashes and pierced ears! She obviously thinks I am one hot mama! Although... I just realized... I have no nose or mouth. :-(

 This was supposed to be a picture of her class but she drew a picture of me in the rain. Don't ask me why. Hey, I still love it! (The words at the bottom say "My name is Brianna. I can draw." I asked her to write something she is good at.

Finishing off with another round of Hokey Pokey since Hunter didn't do it with us yesterday!

Video: 1 minute, 16 seconds of the funniest Hokey Pokey I've seen:

Okay, at the risk of losing you - is anyone still reading??? - I have more to tell.

We joined a class for the Magic School Bus for kindergarteners in our homeschool group. Our first meeting was today and I am thrilled to be a part of this. Hunter had a blast playing with all the kids (well, so did Brianna, but she's never the one I have to worry about in a social situation!) and both kids loved the experiments!

We read one of the Magic School Bus books. The first experiment was for washing hands. The kids got glitter glue on their hands and then washed it off with water. The glue was still visible so then they washed with soap. It was to show the importance of scrubbing with soap when you're washing your hands - and do it frequently!! The second experiment showed the reaction of yeast. It was very cool. I am definitely looking forward to this series.

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