Monday, September 15, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 19 and Day 20

I didn't post about school last Friday because almost as soon as school was done, we hit the road! We went to Tweetsie Railroad and the Boone area for the weekend with my father-in-law. I have to say it was absolutely awesome. Some of the highlights:

Friday's school day:

After prayer time and pledges, we did our Bible time. We talked about Jesus being tempted by Satan and how we can say no to doing bad things, just like Joseph did in our recent Bible story.

Poetry: From Mother Goose: "The Old Woman in a Shoe", "Ding Dong Bell" and "The Wind". From our Llama book we read "How Many?"

From "Tell Me the Good News" I read a story about John Mark and how the gospel of Mark came about. It was very interesting. Brianna really enjoys the stories out of this book, and finding the book of Mark in her Bible made a great connection.


 Language Arts: Months of the year practice. We also had an assignment to write down a memory of someone coming over to our house. I'm not going to post it here because I want it to be a surprise to that family, but it was cute.

Today's school day (Day 20):

I don't know if I mentioned this on previous blog posts, but Brianna has taken off and simply started flying with her reading skills. She has absolutely astounding me at the rate she is learning new words and phonics, which is awesome considering our curriculum doesn't even start phonics until next semester. I got several books for her from one of my favorite freebie websites (Bookmooch) and took them to the mountains over the weekend. She read these three without any problem, and then I passed her the next set (five books) and she plowed through those too. I can just see her excitement, and I love it! I was so impressed at the words she was sounding out that were totally unfamiliar to her (fig, a person named Rin (??), bin, moss, etc.). I just can't tell you how proud I am of this girl.

 Prayer time and pledges. Bible time: Starting to talk about Moses.

Bible verse of the week: Proverbs 20:11

Poetry: Mother Goose rhyme:  "One, Two" and Llama rhymes: "Time" and "It's Dark Out".


 Language Arts: Letter of the week is R.

Hunter drew a "G"!

Searching the dictionary for words we recognize...

We had to catch up on our letter page from last week - "T". She chose her first "T" word to be "teeth". For her next two, to draw pictures of, she chose toilet paper and Tar Baby!! That would be my father's influence for all you fellow Uncle Remus fans!

She practiced reading some new words on our most recent favorite website Reading Bear.

One of the books we enjoy singing out of is this book I got at a thrift store a couple of years ago, called "Eye Winker, Tom Tinker, Chin Chopper". I play the piano unless there are funny hand movements, in which case we all do the movements together. It's a great book.

Then I pulled an old Rice Krispie kit out of the pantry and we made some Rice Krispie houses. Yes, these are from last Christmas. No, they were not expired.

On our walk today we saw several things that I need identified!

I see now this isn't a great picture...


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