Friday, September 5, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 14

I cannot believe we are through with week three of school already! We have had such a busy, fun-filled week that this one really flew by.

 Prayer time, pledges, and saying her Bible verse (Colossians 3:20).

 This is her "Am I saying this right?" face!

 Bible story - Joseph is sold into slavery.

Our missionary story from India called "Who Killed the Rooster?" This is from our book I Heard the Good News.

We finished Boxcar Children last week and our new book is James Herriot's Treasury for Children. After reading a story, Brianna is shown new vocabulary words and answers comprehension questions. No, she isn't graded - this is just practice! I like this because the author actually was a veterinarian and these are true animal stories from his encounters. He was British, so some of the language is unfamiliar to her. We enjoyed the stories we read today. One was called "Only One Woof" and one was called "Bonny's Big Day".


 I found this great maze on While Brianna did the maze I quickly called out the written directions and she had to follow them quickly without giving it much thought. It was GREAT practice for her left and right skills! She didn't mess up once and she loved it. She asked me for more so I'm going to be searching for more!

Meanwhile, Hunter made an obstacle course in the living room.

Language Arts: Her assignment today was to think of silly things we would buy at a store. They had to start with the letters F, B, and M (the letters we've discussed so far in school). As you can see, her and Hunter came up with some silly things! (If the picture is too small I'm pretty sure you can click on it to enlarge it.)

Well, look who joined us!

 History: Still discussing the promise God made to Abraham and how it was fulfilled.

 Hunter's work:

Those are the cheap workbooks from Dollar Tree! I bought several of them the other day and the kids asked me if they could continue school after we were done today? Ummm... yes? :-)

Some of our favorite library books this week:

"Snoring Beauty" by Sudipta Bardham-Quallen

 "Flora's Very Windy Day" by Jeanne Birdsall

"The Hair of Zoe Fleefenbacher Goes to School" by Laurie Anderson

 "The Horned Toad Prince" by Jackie Hopkins

 One other thing we had to do for language arts was this assignment: Brianna had to look at this picture:

 and she had to write a story revolving around these characters. I was not to direct her in any way, but simply to let her talk and use her imagination wherever it led her. I simply wrote as she talked. I wish I had videotaped it, as she seemed unsure as to what I was looking for at first. Once she realized there were no rules and she could just go with it, she was talking a mile a minute. It was so cute! I'll post it here, but she did ask to send it to some of you in the mail so you may be getting a copy soon. (Please remember I did not edit this. It's basically as she told it to me, so it's pretty rough. It's also pretty good, I think!)

Bolt Buddies

They are sitting and talking together. They are telling stories and making up stories. The stories are about a handsome prince and dragons. Then they saw a truck pass by. It was a dump truck. It made them remember they accidentally put a toy they liked in the trash! They had to get it out of the trash but the dump truck was too fast and they missed it.
They went to the dump and looked everywhere. One part of the trash pile was right so they kept looking. One of them found a piece that looked like the toy. But they thought it was a piece of trash. Then they realized it was a piece of toy! It must have fallen apart!
After getting the pieces they put it together. Then they needed one more piece and went back to the dump and found it. They didn’t know where it went on the toy. They went to a fixer’s house. He told them “It will be fixed by Thursday.” It was Tuesday.
The fixer kept his promise. On Thursday it was fixed. They were so happy they kept telling stories and they never put a toy in their trash can again!

The End

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