Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ah, my memory.

Alright, first of all I'd like to congratulate myself on posting today. And second of all, I have to give total credit to Jenn/Libba for talking about blogging when they were here earlier, because I had not even thought about my blog at all. I can't believe I almost broke my resolution in only three days!!!

Today was such a great day, as most Saturdays are. Although I always seem much more exhausted on Saturdays and Sundays than I do during the week. I guess it's because we have so much to cram in on S&S. This morning I got up as early as usual so that I could hit the big Bethesda church yard sale right when it opened. It was slightly worth it, seeing as it was on the way to the seriously big yard sale that was my focal point. The big yard sale is, of course, the twice-a-year Joel Road 5 mile yard sale/flea market. I absolutely love the chaos of it all. It seems like all of Moore County is there in their cars, golf carts, and yes, horses. But I love the social aspect and scooping a great deal out from someone else, haggling prices, seeing people I know, and finding rarities for people. I found three more great s&p shakers for dad that are truly unique, and two great mysteries for Granddaddy. Also got lots of 50 cent items for the next baby shower I'm going to. I don't know where people come up with all the stuff they sell! Afterwards I met mom and dad at their house for a pit stop (there's no bathrooms on the 5-miler, and it takes over 2 hours to go through if you're thorough (which I am, because what if I miss a great deal just because I can't see it clearly from the road??) ) and to hit up the Catholic church yard sale. Books were 10 cents, and as soon as we walked in we heard a booming voice over the loudspeaker announcing that everything was half price. So I got several books and a cute Christmas soap dispenser for 40 cents all together! I love it! Now when am I going to find time to read....?

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