Thursday, November 1, 2007

Here we go, NaBloPoMo!

Okay, I am accepting Jenn's challenge to post a blog every day in the month of November. That's right, every single day. Or as it says on the NaBloPoMo website, "Even Saturday and Sunday!" I am just curious to see how long this lasts. I think I'll be doing well to make it until this Sunday. So, my money is on me failing this by November 3. Let's see. I thought I'd start off the month with another round of 100 things about me. So let's get started.

1. I've been meaning to do this list since Jenn posted her other one on October 25.
2. I had probably 1000 thoughts since then to put on here.
3. Now I just hope I can remember one.
4. Yesterday was Halloween and I didn't even remember.
5. I pride myself on being the Halloween queen, decked out in earrings, necklaces, and sometimes one orange sock and one black sock.
6. I've been more forgetful lately because of handling too many things at once.
7. I'm really nervous I'm going to forget something really important soon.
8. We remembered to put candy out last night for trick-or-treaters, but we don't know if we had any because we were at church.
9. Stephen was not-so-secretly hoping that no one would come, because he bought tons of candy that he likes.
10. Notice: Candy that he likes.
11. Although we did win three cakes from our church fall festival last weekend and I'm still plowing through those because he doesn't like any of them.
12. We had one carrot cake, one caramel apple cake, and one chocolate buttermilk.
13. I have sensitive teeth, so I don't even like to eat sweet stuff.
14. My teeth have pretty much been constantly tingling since last Saturday when we got the cakes.
15. I'm kidding, it's not really that bad, but I have been going through sugar highs and lows every day.
16. I'm not used to eating so much sugar.
17. I wish sugar gave me energy and not just the jitters.
18. We had our first yard sale last weekend for Skyline (which is our mini-storage business).
19. We hadn't had a yard sale in over 2 years, so imagine the junk we were trying to get rid of.
20. It's amazing what people will leave behind.
21. I want to cry everytime I find pictures or kid's clothes.
22. I have cried every Kid Nation episode thus far.
23. Stephen begs me to quit watching it if it upsets me, but I want to see that the kids have the guts to get through all the situations.
24. My eyes are scratchy because I'm still so tired.
25. After 24 years, I still don't know exactly how many hours of sleep I need to function.
26. I also haven't yet learned how to do everything I need to do in 24 hours.
27. I have always prided myself on being that person who stays in touch with everyone.
28. I am growing increasingly worse at this aspect of my life.
29. I, like Jenn, go barefoot in our office sometimes, although not where customers can see.
30. When I worked in insurance, my boss had to ask me twice to please put my shoes back on when walking around.
31. That's embarrassing to admit, but no one ever came into our office! Hardly.
32. Although when he got a new job at a law firm, he hired me there, so it couldn't have mattered that much to him.
33. I only have two pairs of closed toed shoes - running shoes, and cute black ones that are a size too big but I wear them anyway.
34. I'm tired of people asking me why I'm wearing short sleeve shirts when it's getting cooler outside.
35. I'm tired of explaining to them the formula of "coldness outside = heat inside rising exponentially".
36. I, unlike Jenn, love writing checks and try to do it every chance I can.
37. Although that could be because 2 years after I've been married I still have checks with my maiden name and my parents' address on them.
38. I just got my first checks with my name and my address on Tuesday.
39. I haven't walked Cassie in over a week.
40. Stephen does it now because he gets off work at 3pm.
41. I liked using my Cassie time to eat muscadine grapes and pray.
42. I can't stand people that don't reuse water bottles.
43. The reason I steal so many hotel shampoos and lotions is so I can use them and then recycle the plastic containers.
44. Granny gives me all of hers from trips, and it makes me feel like I'm making a small dent.
45. Very small.
46. I actually like having discussions with people when we both disagree but there's no way to know factually who is right.
47. I can then convince myself that I am right.
48. I have an overwhelming desire to do so many things someday.
49. One of those things is to grow my own vegetables.
50. Another is to visit another country before we have kids.
51. I'd love to catch up on all the books in our house.
52. We have almost as many books as a library.
53. I want to watch all 10 seasons of Friends - we are in the fifth right now.
54. I don't like to step on cracks, and if I do step on one with one foot, I have to step on another with my other foot to even it out.
55. Stephen is the only person who knows that about me. It seems very OCD to me but it doesn't interfere with my life.
56. I hate talking on the phone. Either my phone is crackling, or my ears can't hear well enough to have a decent conversation with people.
57. That's why I prefer snail mail or email.
58. I don't even check my voicemail except for every two weeks because it's such a hassle.
59. When we moved into our house, we couldn't wait to do several things which we've never done.
60. I never sunbathed on the deck with Jenn while sipping on wine.
61. We never set up our horseshoes from mom and dad.
62. We never set up a volleyball net for our youth group.
63. But we are planning on having a Christmas party.
64. And we've hosted UFC parties, so that makes me feel better.
65. Jessie draws me a new picture almost every day.
66. I don't have room for one more on my desk!! (makes me sad)
67. I love the days that we eat out for lunch, although I love Granny's lunches too.
68. I like riding places with Granddaddy because he tells me stories of when he was growing up.
69. I had the same roommate all four years in college (except that first semester which doesn't count).
70. We are still best friends, even though we live hours and hours apart.
71. I sometimes feel like I am the only person who didn't choose my bank pin number. It was given to me by the bank.
72. The first CD I can remember getting was The Cure. And mom got it for me from a yard sale.
73. I love getting mail, checking mail, and opening mail.
74. I took over that aspect of our business because I really and truly love going through mail.
75. I check my email several times a day, and would definitely do that if possible in my real mailbox.
76. I also love getting free things in the mail.
77. I really think that my "Todd" picture would sell at art galleries, but I don't know how to get in on that action.
78. We are buying a piano today.
79. Sometimes I feel like Stephen is more excited about that than I am.
80. I just feel like it's going to interfere with our TV time and video game time. Not that we have time to spend on either of those things.
81. When I lived with my parents, I played the piano every single day, sometimes for hours.
82. I just don't have that time anymore.
83. I'm worried that my iPod is going to die soon. They don't have a long lifespan.
84. If it dies, I'm just going to have to buy a new one, because I use it all the time.
85. I keep a journal when I do my daily devotions.
86. I have tons of notebooks at home that I have entered journal entries into.
87. I love reading my old journal entries, even though I sometimes disappoint myself.
88. I want to re-dye my hair, but this time I'm not paying Lisa to do it.
89. I found out last Sunday that my preacher helps his wife highlight her hair.
90. He said only real men can admit to that.
91. I don't think I'd want Stephen helping me do it. The last time he put my hair in a ponytail it was bumpy and he pulled many hairs out.
92. But I still like for him to do it because I like for him to play with my hair.
93. Sometimes I feel like slapping people who say we only like each other because we've only been married 2 years.
94. Is your marriage really that awful - and are you trying to make me feel like mine should be that bad?
95. I love marriage more than I ever could have thought.
96. I love Jenn's quote on her blog "Tied together by stuff too difficult to explain to someone new."
97. That quote fits both of our marriages perfectly.
98. I hope we order pizza tonight - we're having Steve and Aaron over so I think we probably will.
99. I'm leaving for lunch with Granddaddy!
100. I'm sure I'll learn something new today from him - I love these times.


Gail said...

#71 - I still have the pin number issued to me by the bank. I now use it for everything else. I feel like people will have a harder time figuring that number out. If I used my birthday or anniversary, it would be easy to guess.

#78 - Would you like for me to come over and sing while you accompany me on the piano?

# 95 -Yes, marriage can be the most wonderful earthly relationship you will ever have. Just pick the right person. It took me awhile but I finally found him and guess what he loves me, too.

jennifer said...

Wow! So much good stuff here!

22. I keep wanting to watch "Kid Nation" but I haven't yet. I think it would have the same effect on me.

42. Also a pet peeve of mine.

48., 49., 50. Me too.

60. At least we've covered the wine base. Summer 2008: wine and sunbathing.

77. It totally would.

84. If yours dies, I'll see you my iPod (mini) for cheap because I never use it. But it only holds like 500 songs (or maybe 1,000) so I don't know whether it would be sufficient for you.

93. I hate that too! At some point it dies down, though (the commenting, not the happiness).

I am so exciting that you're doing the posting-every-day thing, and I have every confidence you'll make it through the entire month! Love you lots, me

jennifer said...

Probably obvious but I meant to say I'll SELL you my iPod.