Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nature pictures

Continuing on with the Webshots account that I know the password to... Here are a couple of pictures from one trip to Cascade Falls that Mike and I took. We were going through a phase of going to every waterfall we could find, and taking tons of pictures.


And we found tons of other incredible sights on our way there. Photo hunts are the BEST!!


We always saw several rainbows - well, considering that rainbows are pretty rare, anyway.

cascade falls

There's them falls!!

Temp 101

This is Linville Falls, one of our favorite places to go hiking.

Me and Keely

This picture was taken at Beacon Heights, another of our regular spots. I love this shot because I look like I've just conquered the mountain and Keely is just uber thrilled for me!! I miss the days of driving around on the parkway, listening to Postal Service or Jack Johnson, or just nothing at all. And then when we got really cold, we'd go over to the Broyhill Inn where you could sneak up to the third floor and get free hot chocolate! It was awful, but free!!

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jorge and libba said...

Those are great pics.

I saw a girl playing Dance, Dance in the teenager's room at the YMCA on Tuesday night!

Amanda, you & Jenn have got to come to Charlotte to go to Zumba with me! You'd LOVE it!