Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Take a picture; it lasts longer.

Anyone remember that clunky website called Webshots? Well, I was really into that in the 00's (so over it now.) As it turns out, you can only store so many pictures on there before you have to pay to put more on there. So, of course, I have three accounts. I have no clue what my usernames or my passwords are, because I made the three accounts over 4 years of college. About every 8 months, I try to figure them out because I want to see some oldschool pictures.


This is a great memory picture. This was one of our infamous game nights, and I think we were playing Battle of the Sexes, if memory serves me (which it usually fails to.) The awesome plastic yellow watch was part of a care package from Keely. It was supposed to get me to my exams on time. I didn't fail any, so it must have helped! The shirt is from one of our great Boone stores, where you could Mix a Six Pack. You could pick any 6 beers to put in one box, so we'd try all these local brews, or brews from other small towns. And the Mike was and is one of the greatest friends ever. He was the guy who let me talk about Stephen as much as I wanted, he helped me perfect my photographs, he pretended to be my boyfriend if someone was hitting on me, and showed all of us the best nooks of the parkway.


This is the group of girls from the Women's Center that I walked with a few times a week. I love the Women's Center, because I think it made me much more socially aware than I ever had been. These are the girls that made me step out of my box. Because of them, I led lectures on sexual assault. I set up booths, begging girls to love their bodies. I helped out at the local domestic violence shelter. I learned to describe the guy in the corner by his clothes, or crazy hairstyle rather than "that black guy over there" or "the Mexican over there". I went to biofeedback, and convinced the woman there to come give a talk to our group about it. I went to more movies, lectures, and counselors than I ever thought possible. I applied for a very hard position on "The Candidate" (the ASU version of that Donald Trump show that I can't think of the name) and actually won a coveted position. I ended up doing my senior year internship there, and absolutely loving it. I really really miss that crowd, and those experiences, but I think that's why I love being involved with our youth group today. Maybe I might be a little too liberal for some of them, but maybe I can influence them in a positive way anyway.


And, oh yes, we walked outside in short sleeves when it was snowing. We were hardcore.


And checked our mail. Really hardcore.


And went shopping??? Okay, now that's just crazy. Or is it... laaaaazy?

our presentation

This was one of our presentations on Media Gender Roles and Sexual Assault. Go us!

Well, that's all for today. Tune in next time for "Can Amanda figure out any of her other account names and passwords?"


jennifer said...

Love it! Mike was/is great. I had forgotten all about the "Candidate" thing. I hope you remember your passwords so we can enjoy more old-school goodness.

Do these pictures make you miss Boone like crazy?

Amanda said...

lately, pretty much everything makes me miss Boone like crazy. But I also know it just wouldn't be the same without that group of people. I'm itching to go back anyway!!

kloyd1953 said...

I've got lots of your college pictures still on my computer if you want to dig through them.
Love, Dad