Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I forgot all about you

I've been sitting here with this window open to start blogging for almost an hour now. I completely forgot all about it!!! Isn't that hard to believe? Har har har. Well, we have been updating things at the Talbert household. Last night I came home from church and lo and behold, we finally have Internet on the downstairs computer! I'll probably never go upstairs again. That means - LOTS more pictures!!

Also, as it turns out, my hubby bought me a sweet little present. It's only called GUITAR HERO!! We are hoping beyond hope that it will come today but it'll probably come tomorrow, which means we'll have to rush home from church to play it before bedtime. If it comes tonight, that stinks, because I have play practice!

I'm going to try to remember to post pictures of our new piano, as well as some from over the weekend maybe. We had a gorgeous sunrise at the beach. I keep getting distracted from posting so I'm just going to stop now and maybe pick this up again later.

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