Wednesday, February 13, 2008

#1 - Buy a Wii

Okay, I am officially the coolest wife. At least in Pinebluff. We have been trying for ages to get a Wii. Well, I'VE been trying for ages. Stephen has been stuck on getting a PS3. And so for months we've been debating over which one to get. I was fighting a losing battle until Stephen saw some of the games that are on the Wii - Resident Evil, Metroid, Tomb Raider, Hannah Montana. Nah, I'm just kiddin about Tomb Raider. Anyway, he agreed with me that we should get a Wii. Now the problem was finding one! Best Buy and EB Games were out from the beginning. Their waiting lists are so long they weren't even taking new names for them until a couple of months from now. And we are not that patient! So my decision was to call Walmart every single day until I luck out and call when they have a shipment come in. So for two months it was, "We didn't get a shipment today" or "We've already sold out today". Until yesterday. Until the ONE DAY that I really wasn't going to call, because I was already going to be late meeting mom for lunch and we were in a hurry to get to Matthew's graveside service. But I figured, what the heck, I might as well call. Well, they had one left. One. Even with my pathetic begging they refused to hold it for me. So I booked it, for 20 loooong minutes, behind sloooow people, stoplights, and semis that refused to budge. Jenn passed me on the road and wondered why I was hunched over my wheel looking so focused. It's because I was trying very hard not to get road rage on those dumb other people on the road! I sped over to Walmart, and ran as fast as I could on three inch heels. I ran across the parking lot, around old ladies and their buggies, and sped into the electronics section. And I made it!! I was practically jumping off the ground. The men behind me in line looked at me like I was crazy, and I said, "You don't understand - these things are harder to find than diamonds!!" Although I do realize it's JUST a video game console.
I left work early because I wanted to play the Wii before church. So I timed myself to come in just after Stephen from work. I dragged in, and played the pity card. I told him I needed help getting some things out of the car, and I was sooo tired, and would he please carry the things so I could change out of my work clothes? He didn't say anything, but went out to the car. In about 40 seconds, I could tell he had opened my truck, because I heard, "WOO HOO!" come from the garage.
We hooked it up and had just enough time to each play a little tennis before church. I couldn't wait to get home and play some more! I was very antsy on our drive home, and even more so after we turned on our street and Stephen said, "Our lights aren't on. I KNOW I left our outside lights on." Suddenly we realized how dark our neighborhood looked. That's right, we were alllll powerless. Hehe, powerless. Powerless to do anything having to do with electricity!! Ba dum, chhh. Luckily mom had given us a huge bundle of Valentine's Day candy, which came in handy after we realized we couldn't cook anything for dinner. About 10:00, after Stephen was practically asleep, the electricity came back on. Of course I took that opportunity to play the Wii for almost an hour uninterrupted and not having to share. It was wonderful.
I'm sure we'll get new games soon. Right now it's just the sports package and it has tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing. Also it has a thing where you play the different sports and it tells you your "Wii age". Well, at this point, I'm 71. Hopefully I can lower that a little bit.

Today at work we had Corfu for Tim's birthday lunch. It was very good, and I highly recommend it if anyone's in the mood for Greek. Their calamari is the BEST!

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