Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What was I gonna say?

I just found a piece of paper in my back pocket. I couldn't get it out right away (my pockets are buttoned and I was doing it one-handed) so I started wondering what in the world it was. And how many times it had been washed.

It wasn't a coupon, because it was too thick.

I thought it might be the number of this used bookstore, but I remember seeing it on my dresser a couple of days ago.

Was it an old kudos from youth group? No, I never wear these pants to church.

A reminder note?

At this point, I'm digging frantically to pull this inch-long piece of paper through a half-inch open pocket, when I finally break down and pop open the button, and victoriously open the piece of paper. Yes, my height of intelligence is startling.

And what is it? A recipe I wrote down at mom's no more than half an hour earlier.

Is my memory really that bad?

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