Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday...

What a nice weekend. Stephen's family from Georgia came down for the weekend, to take care of some personal matters and for Stephen's great-aunt's funeral in Eden. We spent Saturday in Eden with a ton of extended family that we never get to see. Last night when we got home, I was able to go meet Jenn&Matt and Libba&Jorge for drinks at The Barn. I was so happy to see all of them!

Aren't they all so beautiful!!??

Leila and I went out for a quick trip to Pier 1 and Belk today. I had a Pier 1 gift certificate I wanted to use up, and you won't believe the deal I got!! We walked up and they had some wicker chairs for $12!! The original price was $70! We got so excited that we ran in and got cushions to go with them, and a cute outdoor lamp for a citronella candle to keep the bugs away. Yes, I picked out everything all by myself. Amazing, I know. This is what they look like: (the cushions are reversible)

And this is what everyone else did this afternoon:

It was a beautiful afternoon. I was able to go running, also. So a very relaxing Sunday! I'll not want to go back to work tomorrow.

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jennifer said...

Where are the pictures of YOU Saturday night?! I guess that's a downfall of being the person with the camera. Thanks for coming out that night -- it was mucho fun!

I love your Pier 1 chairs. What a bargain for such a cute find!