Sunday, February 10, 2008

#64 - Get my bike back into riding condition

I was able to complete this goal only thanks to my birthday present from my beautiful parents. I'm sure I would have completed it eventually, just not so quickly. They gave me money for my birthday specifically to cover the costs of "renovating" my bike. I happily used that money over the weekend and my bike is a new creature! I haven't rinsed it off or wiped it down or anything, so the body still has that "fresh out of storage" look to it. But it looks MUCH improved!

Here's the ole girl:

Old, moldy seat:

New seat, courtesy of parental $$:

Old, moldy handlebars:

New, grippy handlebars thanks to parental $$:

I was able to ride off into the sunset...

... and back again. I rode today for real, just a mile to get myself back in the swing of things. It felt so good!! I am so excited to bike more in the near future! Thanks mom and dad! I love you guys!

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jennifer said...

Now THAT is a bicycle seat.