Friday, February 8, 2008

Oh no!

I've done it again! I've become a boring blogger! Whilst I wile away my hours checking other people's blogs and berating them for not updating as frequently as I can refresh the page, I have neglected my own blog. I hate that. I always forget that other people have to have something besides their own words to read. So, just to get back in the spirit of things, I'm going to copy Jenn and do a 101 things update.

#1 - I call Walmart every day to see if they've gotten any Wiis in the last 24 hours. No such luck.

#5 - I hope to buy a fauxbulous ring this weekend.

#9 - We are hopefully going to Winter Jam in March.

#10 - We have tickets to go to a hockey game at the end of February.

#18 - We have plans to revisit Pennsylvania in July with Stephen's family.

#24 - This is taking forever, because I have tons more of these than I realized. I do them in all my spare time. All my spare time in which I'm not reading, that is.

#25 - We found out that Carrie has all ten seasons and is willing to let us watch them for free rather than renting them from Blockbuster. Woot!

#29 - I have only one movie left. I'm watching Frankenstein, the original 1931 version (thankfully, dad just happened to own this!?!?) I watch it while I'm doing the elliptical machine. BUT, since it's been 60 and 70 degrees all week, I've been running outside instead, which means I haven't watched this movie since last weekend or something crazy like that. I should really just finish it off.

#30 - You have no idea how many books are in here.

#47 - I have my secret ready, but I don't have a post card. Something so simple is holding me back.

#49 - I certainly feel as though I'm in the habit of working out now, but since this is supposed to last for the next 2-ish years, I'm holding off of crossing this off my list until I really prove it to myself.

#55 - going through almost 20000 songs takes forever. I realize that now.

#64 - I hope to have a post up about this very soon.

#69 - Jenn and I have plans to get certified together in March.

#70 - yeah, this ain't happenin'.

#85 - And have you SEEN how much stuff I still have there? geeeee.

I do feel like I'm making some headway, at least.

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