Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Cliff Noter's Dream

I recently stumbled across a really fun website. Jenn actually just pointed out today that I know the most random websites, which is true. This one is geared towards those people who think that Cliff's Notes could be just a bit more condensed. I give you Book-A-Minute! Here's some really fun examples:

"Goodnight, Moon"
Rabbit: 'Night.
The End.
"The Sweet Valley High Series"
This girl likes this guy. And this other guy likes this other girl. And this girl likes this guy who doesn't like her but likes this other girl who only likes him as a friend. Oh, and parents are embarrassing.
The End.
"Encyclopedia Brown" (I loved these!)
Someone: Alas, something is wrong.
Encyclopedia Brown: Never fear. I will solve the mystery by employing my repertoire of obscure facts as a thinly disguised device for teaching kids education information.
(He does)
The End.
"Death of a Salesman"
Willy Loman: Everytime something bad happens, I go back in time to happier occasions.
Biff Loman: I'm a bum.
Willy Loman: Here I go again.
(Willy Loman goes back in time. Then he runs out of times to go back to, so he dies.)
The End.

Okay, I could put up a ton more, but you can see them for yourself. So funny!!