Monday, February 11, 2008

#29 - Watch 5 movies of Ebert's Must See list.

Alright, I finally finished watching 5 movies from Ebert's Must See list. I wish now that I had read more thoroughly the list before attempting this. I had already seen pretty much every movie on this list that I wanted to. But I trudged through.

1) Bringing Up Baby - I actually loved this movie! It was extremely funny, and Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn had really great chemistry. Their banter was hilarious!

2) Red River - A John Wayne movie. Stephen was happy to watch this with me. He has rules about watching westerns with me, namely, that I don't open my mouth. But there were parts of this movie that neither of us could resist cracking jokes at. Frankly, I don't think there are many parts of westerns that can't be made into jokes.

3) The Searchers - yet another John Wayne movie! I'm sorry, but these all just happened to be on TV. We did NOT go rent any of these movies, so I was sort of limited on my choices. This movies was awful. I don't even want to talk about it.

4) The Day The Earth Stood Still - this movie wasn't so awful. Awfully made, yes. Awful concept, not so much. An alien and his robot land on Earth and warn them that they must live peacefully together or be destroyed by this other planet. The ending was kind of question marks, but I have to admit, I actually watched most of this B movie.

5) Frankenstein - I couldn't believe my luck when I was rummaging through dad's movies and found the original version of Frankenstein! I watched it over the course of a week while working out, which made it less painful. No, it wasn't that bad. Frankenstein's monster was actually a little bit creepy, so way to go Boris Karloff. You know what's really funny about this movie? They were doing the intro credits to the movie, like:

Dr. Henry Frankenstein .............. Colin Clive
Baron Frankenstein .................... Frederick Kerr

And in the middle of it all, comes:

The Monster ............... ?????

I thought that was so funny! I know Boris Karloff was pretty well-known, so I guess they didn't want to give it up that he was playing the monster. Funny!
This week is going to be so harried. Tonight we have ladies group at church, which is normally fun. But tonight, we are having a sewing "party". To me, the words "sewing" and "party" do not go together. But I am a natural with a glue gun! We're sewing our costumes for the Easter drama. So it should be interesting to say the least.

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jennifer said...

Love the reviews! The only Western I've ever seen that I liked was "High Noon." I watched it in a film class in college that I'm so glad I took. (That class also was my introduction to Michael Moore.)