Tuesday, February 12, 2008

*mumble, mumble*

You know, I'm really surprised by the amount of people I run across who talk to themselves. I'm not saying I never talk to myself. I repeat things over and over that I don't want to forget - "soupsoupsoup" or Bible verses, or whatever else I might forget if I don't do it in twelve minutes. I'm referring to people who talk to themselves so much that I'm worried I'm supposed to be paying attention to them. A lady I know (I won't name any names) talks out loud so much that it's odd not to hear her speaking. She opens the refrigerator - "Mmm mmm mmm. What kind is this? What do I feel like? Hmm. Whose milk is this?" Are these questions I'm supposed to answer? I don't. Every so often I'll hear a yelp of joy, "He paid!" Who paid? Am I supposed to know to whom she is referring and what he was supposed to pay on? Am I excited for her? I'm not sure.

We're getting our bathrooms redone at work (don't get me started) and the plumber is here putting the toilets and sinks back in position. Every time he does a practice flush, he says, "3..2..1.. blast off!" And then as it's flushing, sings, "Let your troubles go down the drain..." Just a moment ago, he sang the entire chorus of the Sesame Street theme song. I kid you not. Maybe he has children and the song just constantly runs through his head, I don't know, but I can't imagine that it's necessary for him to sing it repeatedly. Every so often he'll say something I can't quite hear and then chuckle. I suppose he's making potty jokes.

I guess it just kind of goes against societal norms to talk out loud to yourself. Not that it particularly bothers me - I'm not trying to be picky or rude - but it just strikes me as odd. It makes me think that these people are the same people who will grasp at straws to have a conversation, rather then just sit in silence. Not that I don't have my moments of talking up a storm.

So does it irk anyone else? Or are you the person that is holding a conversation with yourself?


Gail said...

What is wrong with talking to yourself? Sometimes that is the only time I can get someone to listen to me.

jennifer said...

Matt would probably accuse me of being that person holding a conversation with myself but I would deny it. Is "thinking out loud" the same as "talking to yourself"? Well, probably ... Whatever, at least I'm not as bad off as your poor plumber.