Friday, January 28, 2011

I Saw It!


On Christmas Eve, Brianna and I went out and when we came home Stephen said that Hunter had rolled over. Whaaaa!?!?!? I'm with him 24 hours a day and this is the thanks I get!?!? Ever since that day I've been begging and pleading with Hunter to please roll over for me. There have been many times that came close but didn't happen.

Tonight Stephen laid Hunter down on his playmat while I was getting dinner ready. After I ate some, I walked over to see how Hunter was doing. He was on his stomach, so I said, "Oh, did you put Hunter on his stomach when you set him down?" To my surprise, Stephen said no!! So of course I immediately rolled him back over and then talked and begged and bribed until he finally rolled over again right before my eyes! So now I am a witness. :)

And it's his four month birthday!

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