Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Support Local Businesses

So, I have been trying really hard for the past year to buy local. I started this when we joined the food co-op and I realized how much our local businesses are struggling.

At Mom's Morning Out, the leader was saying that she wanted to laminate one of the crafts the kids made. I suggested a local place I learned about through work, CopyWright (if I can get her information I'll put it on here). She said, "Oh, I'll probably just take it to Staples." I said, "Yeah, but it would be really great to support a local business." She said, "Well, Staples is local..."

Not exactly what I meant.

In this economy, you can bet your bottom dollar Staples isn't struggling. But CopyWright probably is. Lowe's Hardware isn't struggling. But Burney Hardware probably is.

Today I got to work, went to the bathroom, and my zipper on my pants fell apart. Jenn happened to call me about something else and when I told her about my zipper, she suggested a local place to me. I went by there after work to make sure they're still open, and they are! They were really nice, and so helpful. I told the lady that my mother-in-law had just bought me a sewing machine and some of the craft ideas I had and she was so encouraging! She helped me pick out some thread and then told me that we actually have a Singer store in town!! So now I can go get my bobbins and other Singer materials from our local Singer store!!

I'm so glad I purchased from her instead of Walmart or Michaels.

So if you need alterations, or some sewing materials, head over to Altered Attire. It's near Sandhills Paint and Shuckers, on the same road off US1 that Rite Aid is at the corner of. It's a tiny little store so you'll have to pull up like you're going to the paint store.

Altered Attire
295 Pinehurst Ave
Suite 1-B
Southern Pines, NC

Mon-Fri: 10am to 5pm
Saturday: 10am to 2pm

I'm going back when I can leave my pants with them to get my zipper fixed!!

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Jennifer Kirby said...

Yay! I'm glad that worked out so well. Love you!