Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Part 1 of Christmas in GA

Part one of our trip to Georgia for Christmas begins...

The drive down was actually incredibly smooth. Stephen thought it would be best if I sat in the back with the kids, so I could entertain, feed, and generally make happy. That seemed to work, because Brianna pretty much entertained herself and Hunter pretty much slept. We stopped for lunch at Fuddrucker's like we always do and that went really well too. We were wondering how much harder it would be with two kids, but as usual, things just kind of flowed.

Thanks to mom and dad, I had an electric outlet adapter so I could pump while we were driving and then just feed Hunter from the bottle. With Brianna, we had to stop every time she needed to eat and then I had to uncomfortably feed her in the car, which could take up to an hour. It made our trips very long and not so fun.

First thing Hunter needed when we arrived was to stretch out with the heating pad:

Corky's Christmas present: (the hat, not the snowman)

If I'm not mistaken, this is Hunter's first "Little Brother" outfit??

It's much easier to unwrap the present when you just crawl on top of it:

And then sit on it:

Coooool! A 3-stage trike! Trust me, Brianna loves this. We are wearing out our floors using this at home!

Of course, any game where you hit stuff with a hammer is okay in Brianna's book!

Technically this is Hunter's, but since he's not old enough to use it yet, Brianna had to test it for him.

Jenn and Bri rock out to Glee Karaoke:

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