Saturday, January 29, 2011

So Much Fun

It seems like every day around here is action-packed!

I never did get to blog about Kindermusik so here goes... Monday morning we got a phone call that pretty much said if we were still interested in Kindermusik a space had opened up. Classes would begin in six hours. Well, obviously I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity! Mom and dad said they could keep Hunter until Stephen could come get him from work, but it turned out that Stephen was able to just pick him up from S.P. United Methodist which is where Kindermusik is.

Kindermusik is basically a silly, educational music class. The leader sat all of us down in a circle and basically said she doesn't expect our kids to sit still for the entire 45-minute class. So if they wander, let them wander. Which is such a freeing feeling! You know, if I let Brianna down in Walgreens, I'm constantly like, "Okay, she's picking up the Vitamin D right now, I have to remember to have her put that back before we check out." or, "Okay, she's headed towards that Valentine's display, I have to make sure she doesn't collapse the whole thing." (Side note: Bri does extraordinarily well when walking through stores which is why I let her do it. I figure a bottle of vitamins grabbed here or there isn't an issue as long as she puts them back without a fight. When she starts to be unruly you had better believe she'll be plopped back in that shopping cart or we'll leave the store if necessary!) But in Kindermusik, she would wander off and I could just let her roam. She always came back to the circle anyway because what we were doing was so much more fun than what she was doing. We played with jingle bells, scarves, blocks to hit together, we sang a song for everything - to say hello, to clean up, to read books, to do motions, to say goodbye... We danced around in circles, we acted completely goofy, we sang a ton... it was so much fun! As much as Bri loves music I knew this class was for her. She spent half the time laughing and the other half saying quietly, "More? Again?"

I got home from Kindermusik at 6:10 and had just enough time to pump and switch children before ladies group at church. I always take Hunter with me and let Stephen and Bri have their time together. I also had snacks this particular month so I had to make sure I had all that stuff ready!

This is what I did on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, we went to lunch at mom and dad's and then I went to work. After work I went to Altered Attire, picked up Brianna and Hunter from mom and dad's, and had just enough time to go pick up Stephen and get back to church by 6:30.

Thursday I was freaking out because our water was supposed to be out from 9am to 3pm for a new water line. Fortunately it was only like 11:30 to 2:30. I had jugs and jugs of water filled up, you'd think it was Y2K or something around here.

Friday we had an awesome play date at Jenn's house with some girls from her church. We stayed for quite a while because Hunter fell asleep when we got there and didn't wake up for almost 3 hours. He is such a trooper with daytime naps! I know eventually that will spill over into nighttime sleeping... right?!?!

Brianna has started calling us "Honey", especially when she really wants something. I guess we really don't call each other by our names very often, we usually say "honey" or "babe" so maybe it's rubbing off on her. It's really funny to hear her say that to us though.

Another thing Bri really loves is when we kiss each other. It makes her laugh and then she wants us to do it again and again. So when Stephen comes home from work we usually have a great smoochfest which is obviously a lot of fun. For some reason she never wants us to kiss her though, just each other... :) I think she associates kissing with bedtime or leaving because those are the only times she'll allow me to kiss her.

She's up from her nap so I gotta go.

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