Thursday, January 27, 2011

Support Local Businesses

I stopped by the Singer store today because I really needed bobbins. When I went to Altered Attire yesterday I asked if she sold bobbins, but she only sold them for one brand sewing machine. When I told her I had a Singer, that's when she told me about our local Singer store. So I ran by there this morning. They were super nice and they had a great assortment of items. They actually had their thread a bit cheaper than Altered Attire and they are closer so I may be going back to them when I need thread again. Anyway, here is their information because I think this is a great business to support!

Singer Sewing & Vacuum Center (yes, they have tons of vacuum cleaners and supplies as well! And they do sell the sewing machines there!)
1355 Town & Country Shopping Center (by the old twin cinemas)
Aberdeen, NC 28315

Check them out!

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