Monday, January 24, 2011

Lots of News

Lots of news, little time to blog!

We got to go to Eden this weekend to see Nenah and Papa (Brianna calls her Nee-Nee). Unfortunately, I didn't get a single picture because my memory card said I needed to reformat it!?!? I thought I lost every picture and video on there and I thought I was going to puke. When we got home I downloaded said pictures and videos before anything could happen to them! But still, no pictures of our Eden trip. :(

Leila and Corky came into town for the weekend and brought with them a new sewing machine for me to use!! Over Christmas Leila taught me the basics of using a sewing machine and we did our first craft together - making hats. You can see the one I made for Claire here. We made four in Georgia (one for Bri, Claire, Evan and Hunter!) and I've made three since Saturday.

On that topic, my friend Allison who owns The Classy Paci in Carthage is going to start selling these hats! So you should really go check out her store! You should anyway because she sells some great homemade items and things for both moms and kids. She has clothes, toys, furniture, jewelry, handbags, etc. You can also take your things there to cosign so you really should check it out. Also, any items that cannot be sold are donated to Fed By Faith! So that is really awesome.

Shameless plug... it's located at 4475-A Hwy 15-501, phone number 947-2900.

In other news, Hunter has been in his crib now for several days. He stayed downstairs in the bassinet much longer than Brianna did and even though he's not sleeping through the night yet I thought it was time to move him. Between the tight space of the bassinet (he can't move around!) and Stephen's snoring, I wasn't sure if Hunter was really waking up on his own or if he was being woken up. Being upstairs in the crib affirms that he was definitely waking himself up, and he's starving to death every time he wakes up, but I'm still glad to have him out of our room.

That sounded rude, but I'm just being honest!

One reason we kept putting off the transition to upstairs is because we were worried that he would wake Brianna up with his crying. Fortunately that hasn't yet happened, which is great! We don't even have a monitor in her room anymore, just the one in his room so we don't get mixed up about which monitor is going off in the middle of the night. Trust me, Bri needs no monitor. She's got the lung power.

Ever since Brianna was about 8 months old I've been trying to get her into Kindermusik. They're always full. BUT. This morning I got a phone call that there was a cancellation for this semester and would we be interested in signing up!? ABSOLUTELY! It starts this afternoon actually so we're jumping right in! I am so freaking excited about this. Now that we're in we'll probably be grandfathered into each class from here on out and won't have to worry about not getting in ever again! Wahoo!

Mom and Dad will have to watch Hunter for the first couple of Mondays of this class because Stephen is going to 12-hour shifts. With no days off. Not even weekends. What a bummer. We figured out his next day off is something like February 19. Soooooo. He's probably going to be pretty wiped for the next month!

That's all I can think of right now. Both kids are asleep, but not for long, so I need to go accomplish some housework!

Bri's newest words: poop (soup), new, caulk (talk), papi (paci), Whoa!, and when you change her diaper she says, "Ewwww!", waves her hand in front of her nose and says, "Phew Phew!!" I guess I did that one too many times...

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