Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chocolate Festival and Birthday

A few weeks ago, Stephen finally had a Saturday off, so we went to a Chocolate Festival that morning at a local church. Unfortunately, within just a short time, both Stephen and Brianna were over it, so while Hunter and I wandered around the festival, Stephen and Bri had a ball at the playground.

Okay, those pictures really didn't do the playground justice. Obviously we were having too much fun to take pictures.

After that, we were on our way to a birthday party! It is now clear to me that my phone is not a good camera for motion pictures! My kids barely stayed in one place throughout this whole party so that's why all these pictures are so blurry. But man, did they have a good time!!

Daddy works some "magic" to make the balloon stick to the wall!

Static Girl!!

Autumn, the birthday girl!

Brianna takes a crack at the pinata with the help of Prescilla. Bri with a bat? Now that's scary.

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