Thursday, March 8, 2012


I think Thursdays are my favorite days of the week.

Mondays - from preschool to quick lunch to (hopefully) nap to Kindermusik to dinnertime to bed.

Tuesdays - We meet my parents on Tuesdays to eat lunch and they watch the kids while I run errands and get stuff around the house done. By the time I pick the kids up and get home it's dinnertime and then bedtime.

Wednesdays - from preschool to quick lunch to (hopefully) nap to church to dinnertime to bed.

Fridays - from preschool to lunch to nap to couple of hours of playtime to dinnertime to bed.

So you see, Thursdays we do... NOTHING. Ahhhh, 'tis glorious! On Thursdays we don't leave the house except on rare occasions (like maybe meeting our favorite Kirbys for lunch!) and I love it.

Today is a great example of a normal Thursday for us. Normally I'd pull something from the freezer for the kids (homemade waffles or burritos are a crowd favorite) but this morning I played my lazy card and made my all-time favorite pancakes from a mix - Tenda-Bake maple burst pancakes! Oh yowza, they are so good!

 Thursdays are all about US so what is more important than making sure we are beautiful right off the bat!?

 Okay, fingernails and toenails are painted. Next it's time to think of others. This piece of art will be going to someone very special in the near future!

Uh-oh, time to start dinner! I have an audit to do tonight so that means my dinner that was planned (cube steak) is out the window. Gonna throw something in the crockpot instead! That's good news for Brianna because that means she gets to help me make Brown Sugar Chicken!

 Of course, we do have to do those yucky chores. But it's FUN to do chores when you make your own furniture polish and then use it for the first time! Seriously, our furniture looks so good now.

Alright, Hunter is down for his nap! That means it's craft time for Mommy and Bri! Today's craft was Paper Towel Butterflies and we loved it!

She got a kick out of the butterflies fluttering around her room! :)

Just as Brianna is going down for her nap, Hunter wakes up, so we all read together and then I have to hustle Hunter outside. He tends to sit on the bottom step and mournfully cry out, "Brrrriiiii! Brrrriiii!" It's awful. So outside we go, where we tend to the garden and basically just run back and forth for an hour or so.

I did get to tend to my seedlings... I need to blog about this sometime in the future. Someone remind me.

We got back inside, and shortly after, Brianna woke up from her nap. Of course, she knew how beautiful it was outside, so she really wanted to go out too! We got dressed and ready to go back out!

Hunter got a new outfit from Oma! He may not look thrilled about it, but it's just my camera flash blinding him. No biggie.

A lot of our outdoor time is spent picking up pine cones for Daddy, who is coming home late again tonight. We're going to surprise him by having the whole yard picked up!

Wait Hunter! That's not a basketball net!

Stephen was home just in time for me to go do my audit, and then I was home just in time to help get the kids ready for bed. What a wonderful day. I can only pray that God will allow us enough time on this earth that we can have thousands more of these days. I know that sounds corny but it's the truth. :)

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My vote for favorite post -- in a long time, anyway.