Friday, March 2, 2012

#93 - Purge our freezers at least one time

I have to admit that one thing I've gotten really good at over the past year or two is meal planning. (If you're unfamiliar with my "frugal" blog, check it out here. I blog about my weekly meal plan ever Monday.) But there are still times that I wonder what is lurking in the bottom of our chest freezer, and what's gotten pushed to the back of our inside freezer. Now, our inside freezer is at about 75% capacity, and our chest freezer outside is at about 40% capacity (or less perhaps) so all they needed was a little organization!

Yesterday when I had a babysitter available (the hubby), I completely emptied out both freezers and rearranged them in a way that will hopefully make meals even easier! Plus, we have tons of frozen venison (from the last 3 deer Stephen has killed, I believe), tons of random meats (we buy a huge package from a local butcher), and tons of frozen vegetables (clearanced items and leftovers from our food co-op). It's just nice to know what you have. I mean, I knew we had a lot of venison cube steak, for example, but I had no idea we had almost 15 pounds worth. Same with our venison burger and ground beef. I had no clue that we had over 20 pounds of this stuff. I mean, I never went out and purchased meat, but I just didn't really know. You know?

It's so nice to go to the outside freezer now and see all my pretty freezer meals on top and know that there is a plethora of meat to choose from underneath. All neat and tidy. And only the essentials are inside - breakfast items like waffles and burritos, as well as quickie items like breadcrumbs, frozen berries, and cheese. Never again will I pay full price for cheese wondering if I actually have cheddar hidden somewhere in my freezer. Now I know!

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