Friday, March 30, 2012

Christianity in a Secular Workplace - Part 5

I am reading a pretty heavy read right now, "Don't Waste Your Life" by John Piper. If you've ever read any John Piper you know his books require a lot of time and dedication to reading and understanding. So I've been reading this book for ages but it's so good. This is one point I feel like needs to be shared, and so I'm taking the time to paraphrase some things in this chapter for you. I hope it resonates with you and helps you.

Please note, he makes a point to say that some are called for "spiritual vocations" such as missionaries but that those people could not do their work without people in "secular vocations" working to support them. He does not at all have a condescending attitude towards secular work.

P.S. After writing this blog I have broken it into six parts so it's not as much heavy reading. Please read each different blog post, as it shouldn't take very long now that it's broken up. You can find Part 1 here. You can find Part 2 here. You can find Part 3 here. You can find Part 4 here.

5. We make much of Christ in our secular work by earning money with the desire to use our money to make others glad in God. Our secular work can become a great God-exalting blessing to the world if we aim to take the earnings we don't need for ourselves (and we need far less than we think) and meet the needs of others in the name of Jesus. It is true that everyone should work if he can, and that, in general, if you work you will have what you need. But this general rule is not absolute. Drought may strike your farm; thieves may steal what you've earned; disability may end your earning power. But God, in his mercy, wills that the work of the able-bodied supply the needs of the helpless, especially in hard times. You can steal to have. Or you can work to have. Or you can work to have to give. When the third option comes from joy in God's goodness, it makes him look great in the world.

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