Sunday, March 11, 2012

Life As We Know It

 These pictures are all kinds of out of order, but I'd rather get them up here out of order than spend an hour trying to organize. So stick with me!

 Oma with Kaleb

 Juju gave Brianna some "juju hearts" for Valentine's Day!! So funny!

 Since this picture was taken at my parents' house, I'm assuming she is either hearing a train or sirens!

 Coming back from their walk in the woods

 Bri loves to swing on this. When I was a little girl, my best friend Sally and I called this the train.
 Hunter the copycat on Grandma's prayer swing:

 Brianna on a sugar high after her Valentine's Day party at school:

 Trying to take a sweet picture of the kids to send to Oma:

Take #1: Good but blurry.

 Take #2: Hunter is already over it.

 Take #3: Hunter is still over it and Bri is getting to her breaking point.

 Take #4: Brianna is about to use force to get Hunter to take this darn picture.

 Take #5: Hunter is totally distracted and even Brianna has resigned herself to the slide. Photo shoot over.

 Came to bed one night to see someone in my spot already:

 Hunter jams with a hair brush while Daddy and Juju rock out at Guitar Hero:

Pictures with the kids are always blurry!

 All three grandkids and three of the four of Oma's children!

 So sweet!!

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