Friday, March 23, 2012

Sugar High

Tonight we had the opportunity to go out for dinner in an actual restaurant that was not fast food! I was called for a last-minute mystery shop and we jumped at the chance because we were allowed to take the kids. We usually eat out only when Stephen's family from Georgia is in town. It's just too expensive and too much hassle with the kids, but if it's going to be free, well then, yes please!

But we forgot that UNC was playing in the Sweet Sixteen tonight. I know, how could we forget? But I haven't been paying attention because I'm not doing a bracket this year, so we had no clue. (I just realized that means it's not accurate to say we "forgot" UNC was playing... we just didn't know.)  So after waiting about 40 minutes for a table, Stephen was giving me his "I'm-not-sure-this-is-going-to-be-worth-it" look! Within just a couple of minutes of sitting down, Hunter was tired of eating his blue crayon and decided it was time to check out the restaurant. I took him to the brick oven, which happened to be under a television set surrounded by golfers. One of the men started a conversation with me, and when I explained to him about Hunter's active personality, he glanced over to a bucket on the bar and said, "Oh, well, can he have Oreos?" Yes! Anything to keep him quiet!  A few minutes after that I was posting a status update on Facebook, saying, "Stuffing kids with sweet tea and oreos to keep them calm at the restaurant. Will pay for it later I'm sure."

And here are two videos from later at home... about five minutes after we walked in the door from said restaurant. Don't turn your volume up too much, just a warning.

P.S. They are jumping up and waving, "Bye!" to their reflections in our mirror, just in case you're wondering.

So, okay, sweet tea and Oreos turned into something that really made me giggle. You can see Hunter having a sugar high and then a low (i.e. thumb sucking, haha!!)  This is too funny to me.

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Ken Loyd said...

Mom and I LOVED this! Because WE didn't have to put them to bed-- ha! I viewed it after midnight (watching b-ball) and we both viewed it again this morning. Hilarious to watch Hunter "fading" but not quite giving up the ghost-- and Bri wouldn't LET him! : )